Matthew Laczko

Born in Hollywood, Florida in 1995, Matt Laczko comes from a family of people who worked with their hands from mechanics to bakers to postal workers. This idea of creating through hard work has always been a major source of Matt's drive throughout the years.




Canon 60D MII

Canon 60D MIV

Canon 70D MIV


Canon Kit Lens

Canon 70mm-300mm, 5.6F

Canon 24mm-70mm

Canon 50mm

Canon 70mm-200mm, 2.8F

Sigma 70mm-300mm, 2.8F



HP Pavillion Laptop

Matt Laczko is a 26-year-old Atlanta-based photographer and graduate of Kennesaw State that has worked primarily in sports since beginning his career in photography.


In 2018, Matt decided to pursue photography full-time as a career and used his personal experiences to help tell the stories of those unable to tell their own stories.


Matt has worked to learn from creatives within his circle as well as working on his own craft while photographing the everyday person and athletes while taking his own experiences as an athlete into his work as he looks for the movement, expressions, and storylines in his subjects.